This time, It's going to be different.  

This time, you'll have a coach to keep you accountable and adapt healthy eating into your life prioritizing your preferences and lifestyle. 


You will complete a brief assessment that gets to the root of why you've struggled with weight loss in the past. The results are used to create a custom program that is tailored for your life, helping you avoid usual pitfalls and enjoy healthy living. 


You can't change your genes or age, you can change your habits and lifestyle patterns. These are the most important factors to achieve and maintain your weight loss goals.  

Through our partnership you will- 

  • Develop healthy habits.

  • Healthy eating will become the easiest choice whether you're on the go or home. 

  • Feel full and satisfied on healthful foods without restricting or depriving yourself.


  • You will feel comfortable in your body. 

  • Learn how great your body can feel. 

  • Manage your stress, improve your focus and mood, while increasing your energy to power through your day. 

  • Enjoy your life without missing out or guilt. 



Identify the positive habits that you should continue with

say yes, no, and try



Address those self sabotaging rituals and find alternate solutions


Apply the reinforced habits to your lifestyle and commit to moving forward


my name

is Maria.

Nutrition Expert, BS.

Half A Lifetime of Experience.

I’ll be honest. Anyone can get you weight loss results.  A lot of us have done it.... and gained it back and done it again. Working with me you'll learn what to focus on to cover your nutritional bases so that you can enjoy food for pleasure guilt free.  

This fits in your life. 

Feels like little easy tweaks that give you big changes. 

And works for your lifestyle. You don’t have to give up eating out, Pizza fridays, drinking. Whatever your favorite food events are we keep them while making them more enjoyable because you’re able to stop feeling guilty or the dreaded shoulds (I should be doing or eating this) I hate should more than any word.


Start living according to your priorities both health and enjoyment!

Results I Value

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